April 2, 2009

Harvard Stops Printing Catalogs and Handbooks, Puts Everything on the Web

Harvard University will stop printing its course catalogs, faculty and student handbooks, and results of course evaluations after this semester, The Harvard Crimson reports. Starting in the fall, these guides will be published exclusively on the Web.

The move will save “tens of thousands of dollars,” according to The Crimson. In addition, the course catalog “is significantly out-of-date before the first copy rolls off the presses,” admits Barry Kane, registrar of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in an unusually candid comment.

The online system will be much more dynamic, said Jay M. Harris, Harvard’s dean of undergraduate education, and will give students access to analysis of course evaluations and data not offered in print versions.

[via Chronicle of Higher Education]

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Maria said...

As someone who hates to see waste, I think this is a great idea; several Michigan colleges have already been doing this for awhile now.