April 10, 2009

Win a Kindle 2

Would you like to own a Kindle 2, Amazon’s latest generation ebook reader? Publisher Harper Collins, blog CrunchGear, and thriller author Andrew Gross are giving one away.

The Kindle 2, which retails at $359, holds 1,500 ebooks. It is lightweight, ultra-thin, and completely wireless. You can now download books from your Kindle2 anytime, anywhere.

Five second place winners in the contest will receive an autographed paper copy of Gross’ latest novel, Don’t Look Twice. You can read the first few chapters here.

Then go to the contest page to enter. The contest ends on April 20.

If you win, bring it by the the Technology desk at the Library. I would like to see it at work.


Maria said...

If I win one, I'll donate it to the library!

Lindsaygail said...

If I win won I don't think I would be that generous since I REALLY want one of these, but I'd certainly bring it by to show everyone!