April 14, 2009

New York Times and Barron's Availalble Digitally at TPL

Recently, both The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press have started marketing digital image editions of their papers. These digital editions differ from a newspaper's website in that they maintain the layout and feel of the print edition.

While we don't have institutional access to digital editions of the Detroit papers, we do have access to digital image editions of the New York Times. These image editions are full scans of the actual paper, and include all material that was published, including articles, graphics, pictures, and advertisements. Having all of the content is great for actually reading the paper, but also being able to see advertisements can be useful to someone planning a trip to New York.

We have access to not only the daily editions of the New York Times, but also the New York Times Book Review, New York Times Magazine, and also the advanced Sunday edition of the New York Times. Back issues are maintained for 1 year.

For people interested in business and investing news, we also have Barron's magazine in an digital image edition format.

To access digital editions of these publications from our website, you must have a Troy Public Library card. Click the "Information On Demand" link on our homepage, click Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers, from the subject listings, and then click which publication you wish to view. Be sure to select one of the "Image Edition" options to see the entire paper as published.

The other New York Times link provides access to a database where you can search for articles from 1985 to the present

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